myVap - Malaysian's Vapor Community

by Hakim at 10:34
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I was ask a few times already if in myVap can be spoken in bahasa melayu, of coz can the platform is for you guys. Is just that I can’t speak or write it :D, everybody is very welcome.

Ada yang bertanya tentang penggunaan bahasa melayu di forum ini. Boleh je, forum ni pun untuk semua. Cuma saya je yang tak pandai berbahasa melayu. Takpe apa apa hal saya boleh mintak isteri saya trenslet hihi.
by Hakim at 23:35
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I would like to introduce you to a new Vapor Community in Malaysia. I figured that Malaysians deserved its own dedicated forum for E- Cigarette and Vapor fans. The goal of this forum is to provide a platform where users help users, share knowledge and the latest News about E-Cigarette, Hardware and Juice.

We have about 30 Vapor Groups in Malaysia. But if you search around for a topic like E-Cigi or Juice, or just simply looking for help in Malaysia, most of the time you will end up in the us or uk forum. while there is no problem with, it wouldn’t it be great to have our own

Plus, with forum it would be easier for users to search for specific questions based on tags or keywords, and this is something that you can’t do with Facebook.

We welcome everyone, new vapors, old vapors, sellers, vendors to join this forum. We would very much appreciate for you to help us grow as a community because sharing is caring. Since we are a very young forum, we are very open for feedbacks,...