Closed System KIMSUN Air 10 Review

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    Kimsun was so kind to provide one of their closed system devices to take a look at. They offer the Slim 2 (2ml pods) and the Air 10 (with 10ml pods). I was using the Air 10 for the last couple of weeks in my rotation.

    The Pod is powered by a 0.25 Titanium Coil in Temperature Control mode sitting on an internal 1700mAh rechargeable battery (status indicator via 5 leds on the side). Give the low power consumption, the 1700mAh will easily last you a day or two. The temperatur is non-adjustable but is neither on the hot nor on the cold side and set to 530°F. The zinc-alloy construction pushes it on the heavier side for its side, but with around 140g it is still comfortable especially because of the rounded shape it fits nice in the palm. The pod is held via magnets in place – and these magnets are strong. With strong I mean really strong – no way that it removes itself accidently.

    I wish the inlets of the u-turn airflow would be on a different place. When grabbing this one I always block it with my index finger. Airflow is a restricted lung hit – almost like a Kayfun 5. Mouth to lung is possible but for a smoker wanting try the switch, the airflow is pretty open and more comfortable for direct lung hits.

    They offer a wide range of flavor options, from tabacco over strawberry to banana and whiskey flavor. Unfortunately it seems that not every flavor is available in every strength which is a bummer. I hope they’ll change that. My choice was the banana one which wasn’t a wise one. Hitting a banana flavor on point is not an easy task and there is only a handful of vapeable banana flavors out there. The one provided is almost like a tobacco banana one – and I am over tobacco flavors already

    Good news here: There are refillable pods for the Air 10 and Slim 2 available in case you can not find anything that suits your needs. From the looks the Air 10 isn’t my turf, the Slim 2 does look pretty neat though!

    Most important for all these closed systems: I never had any leakage nor a dry hit – both would be an instant deal breaker.

    All in all this is a hassle free and good working closed system with its flaws in terms of non-adjustable airflow.

    Manufacturer details on the Air 10 can be found here and here for the Slim 2.


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