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    The Kimsun Air10 is an e-cigarette-type unit targeted both atcigarette smokers searching for an alternative and advanced vapers who desire a compact, lightweight vaporizer for vaping on the go. The AIR10 is really a tiny, box-formed e-cigarette built by KimSun. The AIR10 utilizes a proprietary disposable atomizer that’s pre-fill with 10ml of e-liquid, available in many tastes (15 Kinds of E-liquid Flavors) and nicotine strengths. While most producers are focused on intermediate-to-advanced vaping enthusiasts with high performance box mods, it’s important to understand that there are beginners out there. They search for someting simple to stop smoking. The Air 10 by Kimsun is packaged with all you need for vaping. You don’t have to install a coil or something like that with this device. When the Air 10 is charged, you can begin to vape with this unit. This Kimsun item is really interessant and the taste is very good as you will see on the review below.

    Air 10 Kimsun : the new vape all in one starter kit
    You will see several aspects of this new all in one starter kit.

    What’s in the box ?

    In the box, you will find the following elements :

    E-liquid cartridge,
    Air10 battery,
    An USB cable to charge the device,
    An instruction manual.

    So, you’ve got all elements to begin vaping. It’s a very good starter kit for people who want to stop smoking and have a very user-friendly device. No liquid to purchase, you have a cartrige with 10ml of e-liquid.

    Look of the Kimsun Air 10

    The AIR10 is very small. You can hold it on you hand very easily. The shape is quite unique with the 2 elements : the cartridge and the battery mod with a capacity of 1700mah. It looks very amazing and the size is ideal for a people who love single 18650 box mod.

    To operate the device, you have only one button : the fire button. You press on it and you’ve got directly the power on the cartridge. A strip of LED lights shows the battery level. Very well designed, the Kimsun Air 10 is very to vape with this unit. You don’t have to regulate your power. The chipset makes the job for you. To be honest, the Kimsun Air10 performs about as well as my favorite atomizers.

    There are five LED indicators on the mod that light when you’re vaping. They also serve to display remaining battery capacity. The fire button is located just above the LEDs.

    Performance of the Kimsun Air10

    The first thing that you need to realize is that the AIR10 is a closed system e-cigarette, meaning that it’s only compatible with their proprietary cartridge. It’s not possible to refill the system. Maybe one day, the manufacter will produce a new type of cartridge ? The atomizer connects to the mod magnetically. I’ve got some issues with the cartridge. It was not lecked correctly and it was imposible to have vapor.

    The proprietary cartridge holds 10ml of e-liquid. You can vape with this system for 2/3 days. It was my case for this test. The Air 10 is a temperature control device without the control. It operates at a constant 530° F to provide a consistent experience. The 0.25Ω titanium coil of the Air10 seems to do a great job keeping the temperature constant and generating impressive clouds of vapor with no burnt taste. The flavor “water melon” was amazing in my mouth. The vapor production is far better than an As pire Nautilus for example.

    It takes less than 3 hours to fully charge from an empty battery. It weighs a lightweight 138g. The dimensions are 38.7 x 25.2 x 102mm. Like I told you before, this all in one kit is tiny.

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