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    Vape on Vape off with the Kimsun Slim 2 Pod Mod
    The Kimsun Slim 2 is one of the first in a new wave of so called ‘Pod Mods’ to hit the vaping scene.
    The ‘Mod’ part is self-explanatory – in this case it’s an 1100mAh battery with a constant temperature setting of 530 F.
    The ‘Pod’ is a self-contained atomizer with 2ml of e-liquid and this can be snapped on and snapped off for easy use and disposal.
    So after spending a week vaping on Kimsun’s Slim 2 is this a vaping device I’d be glad to dispose of or one that I’d keep?

    Key Features
    I guess simplicity and hygiene are the key features here – though saying that the one I received was anything but simple to use – more on that later.
    The set-up works like this:
    The pod is snapped on and off the mod and given its self-contained there’s no chance of leakage whilst vaping is as simple as hitting the fire button and inhaling. With this being a constant temperature control device the burnt coil sensation is a rare one.
    I received a tobacco flavoured pod – Kimsun’s website say 15 e liquid flavours are available – and snapping it on and off was indeed a doddle.
    For someone who moans a lot about leaky tanks – fiddly filling and sticky hand coil changing I have to say this aspect of the Kimsun Slim 2 is excellent.
    The device can be charged standing upright and I was able to vape whilst it was charging.
    Safety Features
    Short Circuit Protection – no output when resistance drops below 0.1 Ω
    Overtime Protection – after ten seconds of firing device cuts out
    Low Voltage Protection – if battery dips below 3.4volts device shuts down
    Vaping on the Kimsun Slim 2
    I kept snapping the pod on and snapping the pod off and then noticed the two connectors on the mod itself.
    One was extremely springy whilst the other was sealed tight with the slightest bit of plastic blocking it.
    Given I’m a techy kind of guy [not] I did what most men do when faced with an electrical issue – first off I shook it – then tapped it on my desk – then blew on it a few times – hard.
    Finally I got my tiny screw driver and poked it a bit – I’m still here to tell the tale and am pleased to say the connector sprang into life and became as springy as its partner.
    The throat hit was very good for the e-liquid I tried and given this is a temperature control device with a 0.25Ohm coil the vapour production was extremely good.
    I took the Slim 2 out with me for a day and liked the fact I didn’t have to worry about leakage in my pocket and indeed the weight of the thing – it is as light as can be.
    I was also impressed with the battery capacity – after four days of use [a few hours here and there] it finally showed only 3 blue lights so expect plenty of use before needing to recharge.

    Design and Build Quality
    It really is a quite beautiful thing to look at as they say on the Antiques Roadshow – but this ain’t no antique – this is suggested as the future of vaping.
    Apart from my issue with the too tight connector it’s all put together nicely and the snapping on and off of the pod is strangely satisfying – ‘Vape on – Vape off!’
    I like the design too and I’ve just noticed that sitting on my desk right now the Slim 2 is only slightly larger that one of my neon hi-lighter pens – it’s pretty much the same shape and weight too.
    However it is rather noisy and as I’ve mentioned you’re never completely sure how much juice you have left in the tank.

    Final Review Verdict
    We live in a disposable world if you think about it and even old school vaping has its disposable elements so I guess whilst ‘Pod Mods’ are a step into the future is it really a forward one?
    If you care about the environment then the sheer amount of pods you’re gonna get through might be an issue – though being plastic they might be recyclable.
    So if I was dumb enough to throw away the mod whilst still attached to the pod would I drop it into my shopping trolley?
    To be honest I don’t think I would – unless it really was on at a supermarket special price.


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