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    Today we're gonna check out a pod system from a new company called renova. The Renova zero is a vape pod featuring the omni board mini and ccell coil, with Refilled system and quick charging.
    The small vape POD came out a lot this year. The reason why I focused on renova zero at first was mainlybecause of three reasons. Let's start from these three points.
    Renova zero pod system was launched in early July. 9 colors will be available and the estimated retail price is $30.

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    Packaging of Renova zero
    Here is the packaging inside. Threre are the zero device. Underneath there have a warranty card and a charging cable.

    1. 1 ZERO System
    2. 1 PCTG Refillable Pod
    3. 1 10mL E-Juice Filling Bottle
    4. 1 USB Charging Cable
    5. 1 Warranty Card
    6. 1 Instructional Manual
    650 mAh
    Why is the power set so low that it should not be a technical limitation? Is it cost consideration? In short, the capacity of 600 mA or more should meet the needs of travel.
    Also called Pressure to fill. It is really convenient when vaping. PTF system. It makes filling much easier and prevents leakage more efficiently. Another point of the official website is to prevent children from accidentally touching.
    OMNI Board mini
    It can regulate temperature control. Operation function:

    1. tap 5 times to switch machine,
    2. 3 times change mode,
    3. long tap to display the current mode.
    The color display two types. When pumping and charging, it indicates the amount of electricity. The colors are green, blue and red when Long pressing indicates mode.
    12.5/10.5/9 watts
    Corresponding to green/blue/red. After selection, it is 3 times to indicate success.
    Ceramic core / CCELL
    The application of ceramic cores on vape pod is not the first. It is a development trend. After all, the pod is quite expensive, and the life of the ceramic core is longer. CCell has a smaller graininess and is more "soft" when vaping.
    The materials used by Zero pod are more sophisticated. such as the USB cable in the box. The material of the zero is zinc alloy and PCTG, and the metal on both sides helps to dissipate heat.
    PCTG of Pod mouthpiece, an EU-approved friendly material, is food grade and recyclable. and you can choose a white Renova zero with confidence.
    Vaporesso has launched similar products, such as Nexus. But now Renova is a new brand launched, its concept is clearer and more specific. I hope that Renova, the new brand, will have a good performance in the electronic market.
: Renova Zero

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