[Replaceable pre-built coils] AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA

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    Hello everyone.
    Good day! :)
    Today we'll introduce a new item to you guys! And it's from Afk Studio.
    Let's check it!
    Original Afk Studio Easy One EDA RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer $28.99
    The AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA is 24mm Easy Dripping Atomizer which comes with replaceable deck with coils and wicks, making it convenient to use without any building. The 0.15ohm finished atomizer coil can be replaced in just 3 seconds and will bring you great flavor. The Easy One EDA RDA was designed for maximizing flavor and vapor production in an easy to build design for anyone looking for a smooth and stylish rebuildable atomizer. This item also has other colors to choose.
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