Sigelei Fuchai V3 Kit Set your alarms fam!!

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    Sigelei Fuchai V3 Kit measures 106.2mm by 18.0mm by 9.1mm, very compact and ergonomic to fit comfortably in the hand and carry around. This kit is available in your choice of 2 flavors——Fusion Tobacco and Lemon Grape Fruit Tea - match your own personal preference.

    Whole Size:L: 106.2mm x W: 18.0mm x T: 9.1mm
    Battery Life:>300 recharges
    Battery Capacity:400mah
    Battery Size:L: 86.2mm x W: 18mm x T:9.1mm
    Battery Tube Material:Aluminium
    Tank Volume:1.5ml
    Tank Size:L: 38.8mm x W: 18mm x T:9.1mm
    Tank Material:PC
    Coil Head Material:2.1ohm Wire
    Output Wattage(base on 2.1ohm):5.5 W
    Atomizer Range:1.8 ohms
    Input Voltage:5V
    Output Voltage:3.4V
    Cartridge Flavor:Fusion Tobacco, Lemon Grape Fruit Tea
    Nicotine:6mg, 18mg
    Color:Black, Red, Blue, Gray

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